Monday, September 14, 2009

nobody puts baby in a corner

How many of you watched this scene over and over and over in Junior High? I did (even thought I wasn't supposed to watch the movie...ha ha ha!)

It makes me want to break out my dancing shoes and learn the routine with Matthew. I will be singing this song for the next week.

And how many of you wanted to take up pottery after watching Ghost? And thought pennies had power?

Patrick Swayze-died September 14, 2009...I thought he was a great dancer/actor.


Holly Aytes said...

I was so sad to hear he had died. I too enjoyed him as an actor. I love Dirty Dancing. My favorite line is "nobody puts baby in a corner" and "I carried the watermelon" :) Great movie.

Kathryn said...

So sad to learn of his death, too. On top of his acting and dancing, he seemed like an all around good guy. Growing up, I wasn't allowed to watch Dirty Dancing either, so I would go to a friend's house after school and watch 30 minutes before I had to go home. It took us forever to get through the movie, but what a great memory.

mom said...

Guess what? You are right . . . you weren't supposed to be watching that movie and today I discovered that I was a pretty smart mom NOT to let you watch it (even though you snuck it in). I tried to pull up the video and my "safe eyes" wouldn't let me. Hm???? Dirty Dancing can't make it past safe eyes . . . yep! Your ol' mom knew what she was doing . . . as long as I kept my eyes open. I didn't know about Patrick Swayze (sp?) died until I read your blog. I am so sad by that news. P. S. Dirty Dancing didn't seem safe back when it aired (the 80's ???) and today things are much more lax . . . but it must be really bad if Safe Eyes won't allow it. Love you, mom

Julie said...

what? you weren't allowed to watch that movie? i saw it at your house for the first time:)don't tell our moms:)

Marty Rhea Hill said...

This post made me tear up. Thanks for the memories.

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