Saturday, May 22, 2010

almost full circle

Maybe I've mentioned we are selling our house? Well, we are.

We've had a few lookers. Two dozen or so. I mentioned that we had an offer that was ridiculous and we immediately rejected it.

Since that insane offer we had another one. And it wasn't too bad...not the best, but not the worst.

Let me back up...

When we moved here we knew two people. Two. That's it. (And Matthew knew both of the people, I only knew one.)

Well, we moved to our house on July 5. Matthew drove the huge U-Haul (with no air conditioner...he got a deal), I drove Matthew's truck and my mom drove my car. All three were packed to the ceiling with stuff.

The 2 people we knew were out of state when we moved here and felt bad about not being able to help us unload. We did not even think twice about them not being big deal. We figured we could unload.

Well, they felt so bad about not being here they called some of their friends. Mr. W and his son arrived at our house bright and early on the 6th to unload our U-Haul.

We had NO IDEA who they were, but they showed up at our house and carried our stuff into our new home. They were great!

Mr. W's son had called one of his friends and asked him to come help unload the U-Haul. He showed up a little bit late, but made it to haul in some of the really heavy pieces. Lucky.

Fast forward 6 years and we know more than 2 people, we still LOVE Mr. W and his son and we are still in the same house.

Okay, back to the original story...are you still reading?...bless you if you are.

Remember how I told you that we had a second offer on our house? Well, the offer was decent, but not good enough that we could accept it right away. We countered and never heard back from the realtor if they accepted or not.

We figured it was a dead end and nothing would come of it.

But then, we heard from our realtor that the couple that made the offer wanted to come back and look again. On Wednesday.

Then, last night (Friday), we got a call from our realtor AGAIN that they wanted to see it AGAIN. We were getting pretty tired of packing up the girls and vacating our house every time someone wanted to look around. We decided, hey, let's just load the girls up in the wagon and walk around the neighborhood.

So, we did. While we were on our walk we saw the couple pulling into our driveway.

And guess who it is?

The BOY who helped us move our stuff into our house 6 years ago (the one who was a little bit late)!!!!!!!!!!

He's all grown up now, ready to buy a house with his fiance.

We haven't heard anything from our realtor, so we think that it truly is a dead end.

And I'm sad about it. I wish we had our house "for sale by owner" so that we didn't have to worry about realtor fees and all that. And then our price would be Just Right for the new couple.

So, it was almost a very fun story to tell everyone.

I hope they find the perfect home for their new life...and if they need help moving in, we'll show up.

But just a little bit late and help with the heavy pieces.


Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

Wow! I cannot believe you guys have been up there six years!

(And yes, after reading all that, that was my first and initial reaction. My second was - how cool.)

Anonymous said...


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