Saturday, February 27, 2010


A few weeks ago, we went to Texas for the weekend. It was a very quick trip with really only one get a family picture.

The past few family pictures we have had taken one (or more) have been photoshopped (is that a word?) into the photo...this was landmark because EVERY SINGLE family member was going to be there for the actual picture.

My step-father is a professional photographer. A well-known photographer in the Texas area. (If you live in Fort Worth/Dallas, check out his website...small plug.)

Here is the entire family: the theme was "western" and brown
Our family...Elyn only smiled for one picture the whole day.

Nora did a great job and constantly smiled...even though she was freezing!
And here is the picture of Elyn took a lot of work to get that.
Thank you Smiley for taking our pictures! It was a fun (and chilly) time!

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~aj~ said...

BEAUTIFUL family pictures!!!

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