Monday, April 26, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

Nora and Elyn have been SO EXCITED about this past excited!

Well, their excitement was mom, cousin and her two little boys came to visit AND we went to see Beauty and the Beast, put on by a local high school.

First we went out to eat...and Nora LOVED Blake, Julie's youngest boy.

Elyn loved sitting by Nonna.
Bailey was happy to be there too...
Really, he was!
We made it to the high school! Yea! Elyn still wasn't feeling up to par. She didn't nap on Saturday (awesome) and had lots of snot pouring out of her nose. It was pretty.
Nora on the other hand...she was SOOOOOOO thrilled to see the "watch". (She kept saying "watch" even though I kept telling her it was called a "play".)
And this is how she sat for the first 45 minutes. If you look at her hands, she is holding tightly onto her ticket stub. Sweet girl! She was enchanted!
The Beast, Belle and Mrs. Potts
It was about 6 million degrees in the auditorium so she had to get rid of her sweater. She loved it!
Beauty and the Beast!
We had gotten a "VIP" pass which meant the kids were able to take pictures with the characters after the play was over. I wasn't sure how it would go...since Santa and all mascots are "iffy". The girls loved it though!
Bailey wanted his picture made with the Beast...Nora and Elyn, not so much.
Elyn and "Chip" the teacup.
Nora and Mrs. Potts
Nora and "Babette", the promiscuous feather duster.

The play was a hit! The high school students did a great job and Nora and Elyn have been talking non-stop about it since Saturday night.


Marty Rhea Hill said...

How fun!!!!!! I would have loved to have been there. Love all the pictures....mostly the ones of Nora holding her ticket (super cute) and Elyn with Chip. How adorable!!!!! I love you and miss you!!!!!

TeamBortzfield said...

high school plays rock, I remember a really good one...what was it? Oh yeah GREASE!

Kim said...

How cute. Wow-Marty really favors your Mom!!

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