Wednesday, April 07, 2010

i get itchy just watching it

Have any of you seen the show on TLC, Hoarders? OH MY GOODNESS.

Every time I watch Hoarders (which has been twice) I feel the urge to jump up off the couch and organize everything in my world.

And then clean everything...six times.

I cannot imagine living the way the hoarders do. What happens in their lives that all of a sudden make them think, "I need to keep absolutely EVERYTHING. The ties that come with the trash bags...keep them. The lint that comes out of the dryer...keep it. The cartons that the eggs came in...keep them-all 20 egg cartons." Wow.

My home right now is the opposite of the show Hoarders. Well, not the complete opposite. I still have stuff. I am just on a mission to continually keep my house clutter free and picked up.

Because our house is on the market. And it has been shown TWICE.

2 times.

That's it.

Today was showing numero two. And we are pretty sure it wasn't actually "shown" as much as a broker just walked through to scope it out. Grrrrrrrrr.

God's timing is perfect...not ours.
Look what the Easter bunny brought the girls...

The Yahtzee game the EB brought has been a lot of fun to play! Elyn is a bit destructive, as is her nature, and we have to make sure she doesn't throw the dice all over the place. So far, there has been ONE winner in our family...Nora.

EB also brought chapstick to the girls. Peeps chapstick. Here is Elyn with hers on the way to church Sunday:

About 3 minutes after this precious picture, I looked back to see that Elyn had completely unscrewed the chapstick and had it smushed all in her hands. And her waxy hands were hovering right over her Easter dress. I may or may not have yelled out "Noooooooooooooo!".
For whatever reason this is the only Easter egg hunting picture that uploaded. Neither are my children.
My mom sent the girls a care package last week. The package had a dress for each one and a shorts outfit.

On Monday, I pulled out the short outfits for the girls to wear to school.

Nora was NOT excited about wearing the shorts. I think her exact words to me were, "Boys wear shorts, not girls. Girls wear dresses."


I told her she had to wear the outfit. If she didn't, I was going to lose my mind. (And I don't think either one of us wanted that to happen.)

Eventually, she gave in (obviously, we knew that would happen) with the promise that she could change when she got home.

Once we got in the car, I gave my mom a call so the girls could say 'thank you'. I told Nora and Elyn what I was doing and Nora said, "I don't want to say 'thank you'."

Um, excuse me?

"I don't want to say 'thank you' because I don't like the shorts."

Apparently you don't have to say 'thank you' when you get a gift you don't like...who knew. That would have been helpful for me to know on a few wedding presents I received.

My mom wasn't there when we called so the girls just left a message...a happy 'thank you' from Elyn and a slightly forced 'thank you' from Nora.
I think the outfits are cute...and I just noticed that Elyn only on has on one shoe and sock.
Today at ballet was parent observation day.

Look at the ballerina in the middle...sigh. This is pretty much how the entire class went.
We might be trying something new next year.
Happy Wednesday!


Marty Rhea Hill said...

Repost this PLEASE. Only one picture came up.

Marty Rhea Hill said...

Ok, they just came up. Love them.

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