Friday, February 25, 2011

The big surprise…

Back in August, Matthew and I decided that we wanted to go to Disney World.  We had purchased a week from a timeshare company and it was set to expire this summer.  We had several options of where we could “cash” our week in- Branson, Dallas, Las Vegas, Orlando, and several other choices.

We thought, we could take a vacay all by ourselves or we could take a family vacation.  We opted for the family version.

(And in hindsight, I might should have chosen couple vacation since it doesn’t look like Matthew and I are going to be able to get away by ourselves before this baby is born-sigh.  But, we didn’t know I was pregnant when we planned our trip to Disney…)

Well, we booked the room (already paid for!) and started booking our character meals.  We wanted to pay for as much ahead of time as possible…and thanks goodness that was our strategy, we didn’t realize we would have a baby to pay for in our very near future.

BUT, we did not want to tell the girls!  I couldn’t handle the constant, “When are we going to go to Disney World?  When are we going to see the princesses?  When do we eat our lunch with Mickey and the gang?”  I needed to limit the questions to a few weeks instead of a few months.

So, we decided to tell the girls about the big trip on Nora’s birthday, making sure that they both knew that it was for BOTH of them.

Our big thing was “how are we going to tell the girls”?  The baby has pretty much sapped all creativity so coming up with a “plan” proved more difficult that originally thought.

I decided on a “clue box” theme…kind of lame and the girls didn’t really get it, but it’s how we did it and now they know.

Here are some pictures and a video of the reveal:

Opening the first clue box-it had Minnie Mouse socks and bows in it:


Opening clue box number two-Minnie Mouse outfits (that actually hurt me to buy…I’m not a huge buyer of themed outfits, but, hey, they were for a good cause.)


Running into the living room to discover the last clue…the countdown calendar!


Nora was pretty funny, every time we asked her a question, she would raise her hand to answer…they do a great job at her school-ha!


So excited!


A few funny things about the video:

-I am not really good at giving clues…I blame it on the baby

-Nora’s favorite fairy-hahahahahaha!

-When I tell them to look at their shirts, the look at the shirts on their body

-Nora constantly raising her hand

-Asking for more clues once they are told the surprise

We are so excited about our trip!  I am hoping that I don’t waddle all over the happiest place on Earth, because honestly, that is a very real possibility.  Mama is not getting any smaller!

I cannot wait to see their little faces when we dine with Cinderella and all the other royalty or when we see Mickey for the first time.  Oh, and you might be wondering why Special Agent Oso made the first clue box…Nora LOVES that show and found out that he is at Disney World and will often mention him first when talking about who is a DW.  Crazy!

Any and all advice about Disney World is welcomed!  We are not staying at a resort (remember , time share week) but are staying a mile away from the parks.  The place we are staying at has a shuttle.  We are not getting a meal plan because we are not staying at a Disney resort (it’s a racket) so we will be eating breakfast at our place (it has a full kitchen), taking another meal with us to the parks and eating one of our meals with the characters.

We will be there for four days and have a park hopper pass.

There you go, all the info…now your turn to help!


Holly Aytes said...

you guys are going to have a blast! we took the whole family (plus both sets of grandparents) in 2009 and had so much fun. we stayed in a timeshare (we own) that is on disney's property so we had all the disney perks but didn't take advantage of all of them. we didn't do meal passes (figured we wouldn't get our money's worth). we ate breakfast in our room which also had a full kitchen. and took our lunch into the park. we ate dinner out...sometimes in the park and 2 times outside at downtown disney. the rainforest cafe in animal kingdom was 1 of our kids favorite places. and all 3 kids loved downtown disney (you could spend a whole day there just looking around). character greetings took up alot of our time but seeing the kids faces when they saw their favorite characters was so worth it. and seeing cinderella's castle was a highlight! of course it was taylor's second time to do disney but she still loved it. hope y'all have fun. we can't wait to go back! oh yeah, take or rent a stroller....the parks are so big that our 2 smallest ones (4 and 6) couldn't walk all day every day. we rented one there b/c we didn't have room to take ours.

April Jackson said...

We are thinking about going to Disney around Christmas time so I have been looking at different websites for advice as well. This blog I have found, the mom is a Disney nut. Here is her blog that she has just for Disney info... I thought she has some good advice. When you get back, share your opinion on your timeshare location. We will be staying in a timeshare as well.
I look at your blog often and never comment, sorry:)

Notsopc said...

I haven't been there since 1975 so I am not help..However, my graduation year was the first year they had Grad Night.. Close the park for all seniors from 11-5am.. It was a great time. When I used to go there, there was NOTHING there but the Majic Kingdom.. and it was all by itself.. Have fun.. I loved Tom Sawyers Island, It's a Small World and Peter Pan's Flight.. The old ones..

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