Sunday, September 28, 2008're it!

I've recently been "tagged". Twice. So, while I sit here waiting for my husband to call it a day on his homework, I thought I would respond.

Here is the first one, from Kerri. I was also tagged by Julie and will try and get to that one tomorrow. I know, I know, the anticipation will most likely drive you wild, but it will give you something to come back for.

I'm pretty sure I have done one like this before, but I always have random things to share about, here we go:

  1. I always tap the top of my Diet Coke can before opening it. ALWAYS. My husband thinks it is funny. I don't know when I started it, but if I was asked to open the can without the initial tap, I don't think I could do it without holding the can away from my face. Something about the one tap makes me feel better about the drink not spewing all over me.
  2. I have given away more clothes in the last three years (read: after babies) than I own right now. It's sad. Sad that I used to have so many clothes and sad that I will never wear them again. I console myself by saying they will be so far out of style by the time I could fit into them that I would not want the wear them.
  3. When I was in 4th grade, I got very, very sick at a friends sleepover. I threw up EVERYWHERE and was mortified. We had eaten KFC that night. To this day, the smell of KFC biscuits make me nauseous.
  4. I am a pretty decent driver. And I define "decent" as: rarely get a ticket, no wrecks, limited honking at me from other drivers. My term of "decent" is pretty broad. Matthew would probably tell you otherwise. ANYWAY...when I was 16, I made some pretty rookie mistakes. I backed into a parked car, ran some know, basic stuff. The one incident that sticks with me is when I fell off of Julie's driveway. I was backing up out of her circle drive and half of my car fell into the ditch. Mr. Hamilton came to the rescue. I don't like circle drives, even now. If I have to park in one, I usually make sure I am parked so that I don't have to back out of it, just pull forward.
  5. I did not have a cell phone until I had graduated from college. I know, how did I function? What made me break down and buy one? My car broke down and I was on a back road all alone. I had to walk to a gas station and call my friend, Ray Patton, to come and get me. I made a collect call. The next day, I went and got a "car phone"...which I rarely used and when I did, it was truly only in the car.
  6. When I taught school, I would usually get there EARLY in the mornings. It wasn't unusual for me to arrive an hour and a half before school actually started (that way I could leave as soon as school was out). My first years of teaching were in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I lived about 30 minutes away and because I was such an early bird, I had to leave my apartment at insane hours. One winter day I drove all the way to school only to find out that it had been canceled because of snow. There was not a single snow flake on the ground or in the sky. If I had taken the time to watch the weather I would have saved myself some driving.
  7. When I was in high school, I enjoyed a little theater. I participated in several plays and musicals. Every now and then I would even nab the lead. I loved everything about acting and being on the stage, but my favorite part...the performance. Put me in a costume and makeup, give me some well written words to say, and blind me with stage lights and I'm loving it. HOWEVER, do not ask me to perform in front of a group of people without the assistance of a script and bright lights. I'm uncomfortable and insecure. Maybe one day I'll be back under the glare of some spotlights...maybe.

Okay, I now tag...Laura, Amy W., Dallas, Summer, Melody, Kim, and Danielle

Don't feel like you have to participate, only if you have time.

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abc said...

We have so many similarities! I rarely drink from a can these days, but when I did (or do) I too MUST tap at least three times. And everyone makes fun of it. I think this must've been an early nineties rumor that spread throughout the south; that it would help settle the drink to prevent spewing. Once I had previously dropped a can and it worked- so tap away. I too have much fewer clothes than ever after only 1 kid. I had a crazy vomit episode at Wyldewood after biscuits. I love(d) performing on stage, too; I've driven over driveways- fun; and got my 1st cell phone after college graduation. However, getting to school way early was not my style. That's where our differences begin I suppose.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

number three just made me laugh out loud. im so sorry!!!

Kim said...

This was great-I'm glad you tagged me. Do I just copy and paste the "tagged" pic on my blog?
I've tried it with no success.

Rachel said...

Sorry I missed you Sunday - I will get you this Sunday or I may email you this week and stop by or something!!

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