Monday, February 23, 2009

Pink Balloons!

We celebrated Nora's birthday this weekend. My mom came from Texas on Saturday and in her true form, she couldn't wait for Nora to open her birthday present!

A digital camera!
Nora was hilarious taking pictures. She would take pictures of things like, her bedspread, her pajamas, her feet. She has quite the photographic eye.

After church yesterday, we went to Red Robin for lunch. Everyone was in a pretty good mood...

at the beginning. One little girl was overly hungry and melting fast! She hated everything.
At least the birthday girl was in a good mood!
Rare picture of us that I'm not crazy about, but hey, here we are.
Because of her supercute dress, it was obvious that it was her birthday. The waiter and waitresses came over to sing to her and give her a treat.
She didn't really know what to think about all the singing...
but knew just what to do with the treat!
Since we started talking about her birthday about a month ago, Nora has been pretty clear about one thing. She only wanted PINK BALLOONS. Every time I would ask her what she wanted, that is what she said. PINK BALLOONS.
So, that's what she got.
All over the house. (Pay no attention to the random purple balloon in the background. We don't how it got in with the bunch.)
Even her cake was all about pink balloons. (Yes, I made it. Yes, I was/am proud of it. I'm no Ace of Cakes, but I thought it was pretty decent for me.)
Waiting for all her guests to arrive.
So excited for the party! Side note about the hat:on Saturday night, at the dinner table, Nora informed everyone that she was having pink balloons AND party hats at her party. Guess what mama didn't get? Party hats. Of course. So, I went to get some PINK party hats. They don't exist. Random Dora hats were the second best thing. At least Nora didn't wait until Sunday at 4pm to tell me she expected party hats.
Gram and Grandpa brought a Radio Flyer tricycle!
Her friends...the kids in our small group (John David, Ellie, and Gibson...not pictured, Sydney and Warren-they're babies).
Blowing out her candles!
Elyn loved the cake!
Such a good daddy!
Nora loved the cake too!
Time to open presents! I loved that Ellie helped her open each one.
"Thank you Gibson!"
Nora and Nonna playing a game of CandyLand before bed last night.
Today was her actual birthday! Here she is opening presents from us. (Her "big" present was her party and some new bedding for her new bed.)
A watch! She is constantly asking us, "What time is it?" Maybe this will encourage her to answer her own question.
What else is in here?
A $1.00 microphone! Yea!
I LOVE IT! And she truly does, she took it with her to Chuck E. Cheese tonight.
Birthday festivities at Chuck E. Cheese
Matthew had to leave early and go teach class. So, here we are, just three of us.

I think it was a good birthday for Nora! She is loved by so many and it was so evident this weekend!

**I'm sure several of you came to my blog today looking for an AMAZING RACE update, because you knew it would be stellar writing and serious insight on the show. However, since today is all about Nora, the update will happen tomorrow.

**Oh, and we have been having serious issues with Nora staying in bed lately. Just at nighttime. She does a great job at naptime. She gets out of bed, minimum, 4 times each night. ANNOYING! Tonight, zero times!!!! Either, she is big now and taking this whole, "I am three now" seriously or she is sick. My money is on illness. Awesome.


Kim said...

What an awesome birthday! Love the cake, Dallas-too cute.

Amy said...

Happy birthday Miss Nora!
I'm most impressed with the cake decorating. Did you see Luke's cake? Circle with white icing and four candles. I was pretty proud I did two layers.

winbe said...

Looks like we missed a great party! Sorry again that we weren't able to make it. You did a great job on the cake.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

yall are too c ute! happy birthday nora!

Whitney said...

What a wonderful birthday- Nora looks like she had a great time! The pink balloons thing is so cute- and you did a FABULOUS job on the cake!!!! Love it! I'm going crazy trying to figure out a cake for Austin's birthday in March- I don't want to spend $100+ on a CAKE....

Laura said...

I can't believe it's been 3 years! You did a great job on the cake and making it a special day for Nora and your family!

Julie said...

very impressed with the cake! maybe you could teach me! looks like she had a great bday! give me a call and we can figure out the plan for saturday.

Lane said...

Love the cake...good job Dallas!

Happy Birthday Nora!!

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