Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Season 14

(Oh this picture makes me laugh!)

I LOVE the Amazing Race. LOVE!

If I didn't think that I would horribly embarrass myself by screaming at Matthew during a detour, I would definitely sign us up.

The Amazing Race is by far the most amazing (couldn't help myself) reality show EVER. This article proves that.

I have been watching since the beginning and like to think that I am the reason so many of my friends are now addicted to it.

You are welcome.

This season is already off to an Emmy-winning start.

We met the 11 teams and OH MY GOODNESS, one of the teams has a deaf member. Never been done. They have done teams with a little person (she drove me INSANE), teams with past reality stars, multiple teams of gay/lesbian couples, identical twins, lots of variety.

This season does not disappoint.

I always have my fave and least favorite teams. Always. The year that the smart hippies won I picked them from the start.

This year my favorite team is the mom and deaf son (Margie and Luke), probably because it tugs at my heart strings. I don't expect them to win, but do expect them to give it their all.

Least favorite...well, there are several that could win that spot, but as of right now it is the hicks (Steve and Linda). Oh brother. Could she be any more pitiful? I am shocked that they did not lose the first leg. SHOCKED. But Steve pulled it off for them. (BTW, if you do not watch AR, Steve and Linda are in the photo at the top of this pretty much sums up Leg 1 for them.)

I expect the most drama from Christie & Jodi, Mel & Mike, Steve & Linda (obviously), and Jaime & Cara. The team that had the most drama potential was eliminated already. They were your typical "verbally abusive, extremely pretty, big muscled, constantly bickering, always in love" couple. I bet CBS is sad they are done.

The highlight of Leg 1 for me was the "cheese challenge". I have not laughed so hard at a reality television program in quite a while. If you missed it, please click on this link for a chuckle. HILARIOUS!

Okay, so because I love Amazing Race so much, I plan on doing a little recap each Monday (I know, it's Wednesday, I just got to watch it today...back off). I'm sure the traffic on my blog will triple on Mondays, which means I might have as many as 9 readers. WOW!

It's going to be exciting or at the least, informative. You decide.


Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

I, too, love the mom and her deaf son. I teared up every time he said something! I was surprised they finished first on this leg, and hope they will finish strong overall!

I only get addicted if there is a team I really love, because it is so stressful for me to watch! I can't relax at all while watching it. I didn't finish last season because no one "stood out" to me. I will watch this one, though, too!

mom said...

would you please post some pictures of my adorable grandgirls?

Julie said...

i didn't watch it this week, but i too love the AR! my fav winners were the black couple where the wife had to shave her head and the husband kept telling her how beautiful she was while it was happening! great show!

Marty Rhea Hill said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marty Rhea Hill said...

I am laughing so hard!!!!!!

Whittaker Woman said...

I put this up on my blog but here you go... Dallas... its called screen capture and its on mac's. If you press shift/apple/4 all at the same time a icon will come up and you can drag it over anything you want to capture. If you don't have a mac... well you are sinning! :) H

Sherry Linda said...

DALLAS my girl...Nancy & I have been watching and loving AR from the beginning as well! I was trying to tell some co-workeers about it on Monday and I had to stop until I could quit laughing (and tearing up). I wanted to let you know how much I love your blog and can't wait until Mondays to share your AR thoughts. One of my favorite couples was the Goth couple.

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