Wednesday, March 04, 2009

the girl has talent

First of all, thank you for all of the encouragement and all of the advice! I love you all, blogging friends. So good to know that I am not alone in my parenting struggles.

When you are in the thick of it, you feel like you are in the only one of Earth who has ever experienced a difficult child.

Today has been about 100% better than yesterday. Of course, we still have of the day to go so I'm not calling today a "winner" until bedtime.

I mentioned in a previous post that Nora got a digital camera for her birthday. She is not your usual picture taker. Here are a few of the pictures she has taken so far (and by a "few", I mean 6 out of 236. Geez. Good things it's digital.)

such an attractive picture of me
taking of picture of "Charlotte's Web"
the toy basket
leap frog table of Elyn's
one of her birthday cards
her chair
our rug in the living room
my personal favorite, her socks
a washed out pic of Elyn's bottom
If you need a photographer for any upcoming events in your life, be sure and let my little photographer know. She'll check her calendar and get back to you.


Brittney said...

What a fun idea...what brand of digital camera is it and is it able to not be destoyed by your 3 year old????

BTW...I have a strong willed child too...she has always been that way and always will be I suppose. WE stay home A LOT becasue of the fear of public meltdown! :) It you find out anything great in your research, then please share!

Lane said...

Ok Nora REALLY is an angel child in class...I PROMISE!!! It's hard to even imagine her acting like that becase she is so good.

Ok, I love her pictures...where did you get that? Sterling must have one!

April said...

I'm glad you've had a smoother day. I love the pics that Nora took! Too funny. Mackenzie got the same camera (in blue) from grandparents for Christmas. Great, isn't it?! I love seeing what's important and picture worthy through her eyes.

Amy said...

Luke has taken at least 20 pictures of his own feet with the camera he got for Christmas. With shoes on, sock feet, bare feet . . . I'm a little worried it's a fettish in the making.
Thanks for sharing that last post. I feel like I've tried it all and we're still battling. In a way, I'm glad "typical" kids do it too, though I'm not at all glad for you.

Chandra said...

H has that camera in blue! We get lots of pictures of whatever is on the television and his shoes, as well as multiple unflattering pictures of me and pictures of silly faces. He loves the option of putting viking hats on my head, or clown noses. Good times!;)

Dallas said...

The camera is VTech. It's for kids, so if it gets dropped or something, it shouldn't hurt it. Definitely one of her favorite presents!

Kim said...

"Socks picture" -not bad, Miss Nora!

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