Monday, March 02, 2009

Romania doesn't have anything to worry about

First of all, sorry I missed the recap last week. I know all ONE of you felt like your week was lacking because of that.

If I were on Season 14 of the Amazing Race, I would have quit upon discovering the Roadblock. QUIT.

Like forgotten there was a million dollar prize kind of quit.

It was a bumpy start for the genius Harvard lawyer siblings. As the older sibling in my family, I totally see where big brother is coming from. But, really, his sister is just as smart as he is, let her have a turn leading once in a while. It might actually work out for them. Because during this episode, big brother nearly RUINED it for them. He did have some help though. An airplane with technical problems is not the best vessel to board.

Anyway, the BEST, BEST, BEST part of the episode was the gymnastics section. And this is why I would have quit...

The contestants had to wear a WHITE leotard.



Oh my goodness. Do you have any idea what white does to you?

Shows everything. Every single thing.

Only one man donned the white unitard. And it was not attractive AT ALL.

But, I'm not concerned about him. It's the girls that my heart goes out to. These girls are all beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. They have bodies that I would willingly give up DVR for.

That says a lot.

But not a one of them looked like Nadia. Not a single one.

I can imagine they were covering their faces with pillows while watching the episode last night. And probably hit the gym pretty hard today. Which is what I should have done.

Also, just because you are a rockin' college athlete does not mean that you will be a stellar gymnast.

I'm going to be honest. I kind of quit paying attention to the episode during the Detour. It wasn't the most interesting one I've ever seen. If you want to watch it, look here.

I was SO surprised that Mel and Mike won! I hope that hold onto that win, because I do not see it happening again for the rest of the season. Honestly, the reason they even had a chance was because Mel didn't really have to do much of the work. Mike was the gymnast and pulled the majority of the weight in the detour. Happy they won the vacation, but I can tell you, it will be a crazy time when they cash that in.

I am sad that Brad and Victoria are done. They were a strong couple. Strong in their relationship, strong in physical appearance, strong emotionally, etc. It did bother me that when they did well at something, they would high five instead of hug. Hey, guys, you're married, I think we know that you have hugged and kissed in the past.

Lame update. I know. I'm typing this while watching The Bachelor. Now you understand, right?


TeamBortzfield said...

Dallas I was also cringing when they had to suit up to do the gymnastics thing. I thought they looked pretty good considering. But weren't you so glad the hillbillies weren't competing this week! I couldn't have looked at that. I missed last week's post so that I could tell you I've been to Schloss Hellbrun. The outside was used as the front of the Sound of Music house in Austria. They also have the gazebo where 16 going on 17 was filmed!

Kim said...

ONE-lemme guess!!!!

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