Sunday, January 23, 2011

he has a name!

Our baby boy now has a name!  We are able talk about him and call him by name…it’s still a little surreal that we are choosing a name for our son, our 3rd child.

We’re BIG on family names!  For instance-

Nora Elizabeth: Matthew’s maternal grandmother’s first name is Nora and his paternal grandmother’s first name is Elizabeth

Elyn Ann: Elyn-a name we liked; Ann-my maternal grandmother’s middle name and Matthew’s paternal grandmother’s middle name

As we were talking about names for our baby boy, we knew that we wanted his middle name to be either Matthew or David, after his daddy.  And of course, we knew his last name would be Henderson-ha!

The first name was more difficult.  I started gravitating towards biblical names…Sam, Isaac, Gideon, Silas.  I really liked them all but just never felt devoted to one in particular.

The problem with me is that I REALLY like a name and then 2 seconds later I’m all, “I don’t know…I don’t think I like it that much anymore.”

Matthew knows this and because he knows this trait about me, he never showed a ton of preference for one name over the other.  That kind of annoyed me-ha!

I was ready to settle on one of the biblical names (because they really were great!) when we started talking family names.  We mentioned one name and I just couldn’t get it out of my mind…it was stuck and I knew that was the name of our little boy.

His name is:

Rives Matthew Henderson

Rives (pronounced “Reeves”) was Matthew’s Papa’s middle name.  Papa passed away almost two years ago.  He was a very important part of Matthew’s life and, if pressed, I would have a very difficult time thinking of a better man.

Matthew, obviously, is for Matthew.  (I hope you caught that.)

I think that this little boy has the best name ever!  He is named for the best men I know.  I pray that my son will be the man of God and a man who loves his family with his whole being, just like those he is named after.

We hope you that when you pray for our baby, you will now pray for him by name.


Janelle Norman said...

Yay, I love it!

Lane said...

I LOVE it!!!!!

Holly Aytes said...

Oh, I love his name! Caleb's middle name is Matthew after his dad :) Our girls all have family names as their middle names...we like using family names

Kathryn said...

Dallas, that is a great name and a beautiful story behind it!

~aj~ said...

What a handsome and strong name! I really like it!

TeamBortzfield said...

Love it, good job guys, names are hard.

Kim said...

Love it! What a wonderful tribute for Matthew and his grandpa.

Deborah said...

What a sweet name! You will never regret choosing such meaningful names for your children.

See, more than four people read your blog...

April said...

I love his name especially since it is a family name! So unique!

Michael Ann said...

All of our boys' middle names are family names and I just love it. So congrats to you! Boy names are HARD, I think anyway! Hope you are feeling well!

Kim said...

Love it-perfect!

Ashley said...

I LOVE it, Dallas! Names with meaning are awesome!

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