Friday, May 30, 2008

The Griswald's have nothing on us!

We leave today for our two-week vacation. Yep, two weeks.

And we are not going to Cancun.

Or Europe.

We are going to Texas and Tennessee.

We leave this afternoon, after Matthew gets home from school and mows the yard.

We are headed to Fort Worth to help my sister ring in her 29th birthday with a bang. Actually with a luau...I hear rumors of coconut bras.

I hope they come with underwire.

And a girdle.

Yesterday was supposed to be Matthew's last day of school, but thanks to two questionable snow days in the winter, he is not done yet. (We loved you at the time snow days, now we could do without you.) So, Matthew does not wrap up the school year (although I think most of the teachers AND students consider it already "wrapped up") until next Wednesday. Because of that, Matthew is heading back to AR Sunday after lunch. I know, I know, what a guy. Must really love his sister-in-law to drive all the way to Texas and then back home again.

Yeah, he does love her but not as much as he loves having a sane and happy wife.

I'm not prepared to drive by myself all the way to Texas. Yet. Obviously, I could do it. No question about that. But WANTING to do it and CAN do it are totally different.

AND, tomorrow is our 5 year anniversary. I would like to be in the same state as my husband when we tell each other, "Hey, the past five's been the best ever! Let's do it for another five...or fifty-five...or how about, forever". It loses some of the sweetness when Ma Bell is involved.

While we are in Texas sans Matthew, we are going to the zoo, taking swimming lessons (just for Nora, I know how to swim already and although Elyn is showing strong indications that she will be sprinting by the time she reaches one, I think it's a little too early for swim lessons), and hanging out with Nonna and Aunt Marty and Julie and Bailey. And probably Jill. And Grandmama. And maybe Aunt Terri.

Matthew comes back Wednesday night and we leave Thursday for Tennessee. After a stop over in Little Rock to see Aunt Julia and Uncle Brian and use their house as a motel, we are headed to Nashville.

Shout out to everyone that lives in Nashville! Home of Dallas Henderson (well, Hill at the time) for four glorious years.

No idea how long we will be in Nashville and no idea what we will be doing. Our main purpose is to see Aunt Beth and Uncle Aaron. Other than that, no plans.

We would like to see some old friends and some other family members. We are being pretty laid back about the whole thing.

I'm just hoping that when we enter our driveway, two weeks from now, my eyes are not bloodshot from lack of sleep and I don't want to give away my children.

High expectations people. High.

I'm sure I'll update, on occasion, throughout our travels.

If you know my email address and live in any of the areas we are traveling to and would like to see how quickly Nora can go from happy to tantrum or would like to witness Elyn try and pull up on anything that isn't moving, let me know. We would love to drop our girls off at your house and have the afternoon to ourselves.

Or we could stay and visit with you too.

Either way, let me know!

I'm off to pack our entire house.

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Kim said...

Have a great trip!

April said...

You just crack me up! I love your writing style. If you find yourself overshooting Nashville by, oh, say 2 1/2 hours, feel free to crash at our place! HA. Like you're going any further than the exact millimeter required to arrive at your destination with two little ones in the car! :) Seriously, I do hope you have a great trip. If you and Matthew are ever in Knoxville, look us up.

Whitney said...

Have a wonderful trip! Maybe we'll see you around town in Ft Worth :)

~aj~ said...

Hope you have a safe trip and lots of fun on your travels!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

ha! this post had a few lol moments, but my fave was the girdle comment. thats hilarious. hope you guys have a sane, safe and happy trip!

Danielle Balentine said...

Just thinkin' about you. We went to the summer movie and then to the park today. Was really missin' getting to visit with ya. Hope you guys are having a great time. See you soon!

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