Thursday, May 15, 2008

Is size 10 really "plus" sized? And some other thoughts.

Well, apparently if you are America's Next Top Model, then being size 10 is being plus-sized. As I've admitted before, I enjoy watching ANTM. I'm happy for Whitney and her big win (pun intended). Although, I still don't see her as "plus-sized", I see her as normal.
I am reading a book right now and came across a part of it that I really liked:
"I wish I knew what was going to happen."
Ingeborg nodded. "We all wish that, but God in His mercy opens that door only far enough so we can see the next step. That way we don't get frightened and run and hide."
I ordered a swimsuit online yesterday. It's a halter tankini and comes with a cover-up skirt. I am officially a mom...I have a swimsuit with a skirt. Hopefully I will look just like the model that is wearing it. I used the virtual body that the site offers and the swimsuit looked great on "Virtual Dallas". We'll see.
Weight Watcher's online is going great! I have lost weight, almost 7 pounds. I have quite a few more to go before I get to my personal goal. I am happy with the progress I have made. I am a big fan of WW, so if you are looking for a way to lose some weight try it out (it's only $5 a week if you do it online).
Elyn slept from 8:30pm to 6:30am last night!

Matthew had to go get some fungus removal for our lawn the other day and took Nora with him. This is what she chose to wear-she picked it out all on her own. She had heard it was supposed to rain that night.

I told her to smile for me and she pulled out these poses. The second picture looks like she is about to do a high-step. Obviously, we are raising a future fashion designer.
And this is how she was dressed this morning. Her Dora/Bono glasses are her favorites right now. It amazes me that the hair inside the glasses is not bothering her. She was telling me "bye". You can't see it, but she also had her purse with her. She's ready to go, glasses, purse, and mode of transportation.

I was folding clothes two nights ago and looked over at Elyn. She was crawling over to the toy basket and trying to PULL UP ON IT and see what was inside. I almost ran over and knocked her down because it is too early to be doing things like that! Thankfully she didn't have a good enough hold and tumbled over on her head. She cried but I was just happy she wasn't successful in pulling up. Yep, I am a caring mom.
And that is all of the random thoughts I have for today.

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Kim said...

I agree with the plus size-yikes!
I may check out the WW online-I didn't know about that! I'm still lugging around baby weight and Chandler will be 1 in less than a month!
I love the passage you quoted-isn't that the truth. I am thankful for that although not always at the time I'm peeking and want to see the picture. I'm so glad He's in control and not me!
These stages creep up way too quickly, I agree. Where does the time go?

Kristen said...

LOVE the swimsuit. I had actually been online swimsuit shopping and seen that same one and thought about ordering it for myself. I had a swimsuit with a "skirt" last summer and loved it. No foolin' anyone that I have 2 kids. ;)

Julie said...

the pictures of nora are hillarious! obviously, she has a great personality! that girl did not look like a plus size model to me! she looked great from that picture. however, i guess if a regular model wears size --0, then 10 is plus size?

Danna Ramsey said...

That swimsuit is fantastic! No way it would cover all my flaws, though. That requires pants. And a sweatshirt. And a hat.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

THis is one of my favorite posts. love the pics. its so funny that you almost knocked elyn down! hahaha! congrats on the seven pounds and I am excited that you have a "mommy" swimsuit too. I ordered two online recently and they are tankinis with room to say the least. ;) glad you guys are doing well and sorry I have fallen behind in your blogging world...congrats on the sans swaddling!!! yay!!!

Chandra said...

Aaaak, you just killed me with this post! I haven't watched the finale yet! No, 10 is not plus sized. That's so dumb. I am all about the tankinis with the shorts--if my teenage self could punch me I'm sure she would, but I am happy with my full coverage!;)

The Rickard 5 said...

Oh how funny...I just went and put in my size on the model, I never looked so good. Next time I will use my real measurements, instead of the ones in my fairy tale world!

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