Sunday, May 25, 2008

Solutions not required

Before I begin this post, I want to let you know that I write these things not to get comments of sympathy or concern. I write this for me, to get my feelings out, to vent, to put it to rest.

Okay, now that I have my disclaimer I go:

I have apologized to Matthew today. Because I have been AWFUL to live with. I'm pretty sure I have been NO fun to be around the past 2-3 days. You know, they say you are hardest on those you love the most. I guess that is true. Actually, I have been so disgruntled lately that when I did apologize for my surly ways Matthew says, "I hope you're not pregnant."

Don't worry honey, I'm not.

But, his statement was an eye-opener for me. My attitude has been that of a hormonal pregnant woman. The only difference is that I was very aware of how I was acting. While pregnant, I am completely oblivious to my mood changes.

A few months after Elyn was born, I wrote about feeling down in the dumps. I chalked it up to post-partum. And over the next month or so, my mood improved dramatically and I was over the hump.

Honestly, I think one of the reasons that my mood improved is because I wrote out my feelings.

And had long conversations with Matthew.

And God.

So, now I am back in a little funk. And I am back to therapy...writing out my feelings, talking to Matthew, and talking to God.

It has taken me many years to understand that one does not have to be or need to be happy all the time. Oh, sure it would be nice. But would it really be healthy? God has given us emotions for a reason. For goodness sake, His own Son experienced a myriad of emotions and was very vocal at times in expressing them. So why do we feel the need to keep our emotions bottled up? And why do we have trouble sharing with those around us?

I am happy!

I am happy with my life. I love my husband and daughters with my whole being! I can't think of a better place to be than with them. I love the honesty that flows in our home. I am thankful that I am able to go to Matthew, unashamed, and tell him how I am feeling. I love that he accepts me for my feelings. I love that he tries to come up with a solution...although I tell him I don't need a solution, I just need an ear. He tries to come up with a solution because he loves me and he wants to help.

Even though I have all of that, I still get down sometimes. And do you know why?


Yep, I am and with that comes all of my flaws, insecurities, imperfections, irrational thoughts, hurt feelings, and so many other ugly things.

But, I have God. And He loves me in spite of those things. I am thankful that I have Matthew that I can go to and talk with. But, my relationship with Matthew would be nothing without my relationship with God. BEFORE I go to Matthew, I need to remember to go to God and lay my everything at His feet. He does not promise a solution, but does promise an ear. He knows what I need.

I used to think that if I just surrounded myself with enough friends, with enough activities, with enough...something, that I would never feel blah. Well, that just is never going to happen.

I can guarantee you that the person with the most friends, the most events to attend, the most everything, still has days where they just feel down.

And that is OKAY! We are not asked to be 100% all the time.

So, I am here to tell you, I am feeling down. I am not feeling 100%. But, actually, since I have started writing, I am already feeling better. Crazy how that works.

Don't worry about me. I'm normal. Actually, I am just like you. When is the last time you felt a smidge down? I bet it wasn't that long ago. But, I bet that you have your own therapy. Aren't you glad!

I'm going to watch a movie with my husband now. That sounds like a bit of therapy to me too.

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Jenn said...

AMEN!! You are human and a great one at that....we are all allowed our emotions and our times. I'm thankful that God listens to us and hears our prayers!
Great post, perfectly said what so many of us feel or have felt in the past!! And our husbands to deserve an extra measure of hugs and kisses every now and then for putting up with our hormones, too!! :)

The Brown Family said...

I couldn't have said any of it better myself! Amen sister!!

Summer said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. Thanks for putting it all into words!

Whitney said...

I could have written this word for word on my own blog- you aren't the only one feeling this way, girl!

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing your heart. I can't imagine anyone not nodding while reading along. I don't know how one could bounce back without God. And the blessing of a supportive Godly husband is priceless.
Hope you enjoyed the movie with your sweet husband!

Amy S. said...

You are so right! We ALL have these moments. I know I do for sure!! My husband has asked me that same question many times... "Are you sure you're not pregnant??"

Supabloggasuprememama said...

I love this post. I know you are not looking for sympathy and what not, but from one person who struggles, to another, please know I am praying, because I know what it feels like to struggle. ;) I appreciate your honesty, and this is WONDERFUL therapy. I personally, just got my zoloft going again, in addition to my own personal therapies. ;) NO ONE is perfect. and its just wonderful and refreshing, your honesty.

Hello blog buddies! It's me, Crouse! said...

dallas, i love you! I love your honesty and your unabashed ability to put it into words. many times i feel down and don't want to blog because i think people only want to read the peppy upbeat parts of my life. well sometimes they are a week apart! thank you for letting the rest of us feel that we are human. love you! have a great vacation!

Segadi Family said...

Dallas- this is one of the best posts I have ever read!! I know most of us use our blogs to brags on our children, etc but you're sooo right- life if not always wonderful and perfect and it's so refreshing to see and hear "the other side"- makes me feel more human myself! I just might copy this post onto my blog- would you mind??? You're a great writer too by the way!

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