Monday, May 19, 2008

Part three

Karie-Another Harding friend. She actually was suitemates with two of my best friends from Harding. When I would go and visit them, Karie was either studying for a test, going to or coming from a clinical, or drinking coffee. She is now a mommy to three, so I'm sure she is still drinking coffee.
Kim-I met Kim at Camp T. She started the summer as a student about to start her senior year at ACU and ended the summer as a transfer student to Harding. I'm sure the decision was based on the time she spent with me :). I will never forget that Kim brought her iron and starch with her to camp. She probably used them...very prepared, that Kim. I also remember that she never made green beans with out putting bacon in them and never made spaghetti with out ground beef. I am sure it is a treat each night to eat at her table.
Kim H.-Although I didn't know Kim very well at Harding, I LOVE, LOVE her blog. Each time I read the story of how God blessed her with her beautiful children, I tear up. And that says something! I did sit next to her husband in Jimmy Allen's Romans (I know it was a Harr and am 99% sure it was Jordan). Dr. Allen made us sit in alphabetical order...Harr, Hill. I didn't get to know Jordan very well either, we were both bogged down in trying to make it through the class.
Krista-I go to church with Krista. Her blog is pretty funny and her daughter, Kennedy, provides many interesting stories for her to tell. I will say that Krista is one sharply dressed woman and is always sporting some wonderful shoes!
Kristen-The reason that I started blogging. I didn't know what blogging was until a friend of mine (who is a blog stalker, but I won't out her) told me about it. And the first blog I came upon was Kristen's. And I was hooked! I knew Kristen from Harding/Camp T. I will always remember Kristen for her dotted letters. I'm sure she is still a pro at them. Thanks for getting me started in this Kristen!
Lane Brown-I go to church with Lane. Her little boy is one of Nora's most favorite friends. She loves him! When Sterling was born, he weighed over 9 pounds and was NOT a c-section baby. I remember Heath telling everyone that Lane was the most amazing woman ever. That is a high compliment to pay.
Laura-Laura only knew me pregnant. Laura taught next door to me the year I was pregnant with Nora. It was her first year to teach and had a class most veterans would have had a hard time with. But, she did great. And, I keep waiting to see her and her husband on tv, in a commercial, promoting love. She is also quite a skilled knitter. She sells her goods on Etsy and she is talented!
Lisa-I go to church with Lisa. She is Nora's teacher one day a week, for one hour, along with Lane. Lisa tells me she is hoping to run a 1/2 marathon in December. I have told her that I hope to run it too. One of us needs to get on the ball...and it's not Lisa.

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Kim said...

This is such a good idea-I have to admit that I keep checking back for my name!
You are very sweet. I love your blog, too, and wish we could've known each other better at Harding. You are definitely someone I would have wanted to be friends with. But, I am enjoying our blogging friendship!

The Pork Princess. said...

Dallas- I absolutely love reading your blog. I check it almost daily. What a great idea blogging about everyone. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment!

Kristen said...

Glad to have helped you enter the addiction...

And I still sometimes make dot letters, although less since little boys aren't big fans. ;)

AmyB said...

This is a great idea! Unfortunately, I am going to have to catch up on it all because my "trusty" Google Reader didn't update your new blogs...maybe I rely on it too much...possibly definitely! :) I will be catching up...slowly I am sure and will enjoy reading about those I know and learning about those I don't on these posts!

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