Friday, May 23, 2008

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming...

Here are some pictures from the past no particular order. It would have taken time to move them around to the appropriate place.

And time is not a luxury today.

Oh, I do have to take time to write this:
Have you ever been at the park or at a McDonald's or even at church and seen the little girl with the hair hanging in her face? You know the one. The girl has long hair, it looks pretty and clean, but she cannot keep it out of her eyes. You think to yourself, "Self, how hard is it for her mom to put her hair in a ponytail? And is it NOT bothering the little girl? Sheesh, does anyone have a rubberband I can borrow so I can show her mother how to use it?"

Well, I have thought those things before. And now God is paying me back.

In fact, the little girl on the playground does have caring mother. Her mother has tried countless times to remove the hair from the eyes with ponytail holders, clips, headbands, hats, etc. The mother is powerless though to the hands of her daughter. Hands that can yank out any attempt to tie her hair back.

I have a little girl who can rip out a bow or ponytail holder in no time at all. Because of that, I have given up trying to get the hair out of her eyes. She does not seem to mind, so why should I. Don't get me wrong, when we go out, I always bring along a bow, thinking today might be the day she doesn't touch it. It never is.

Oh, and I refuse to cut her hair while she is still zero. It just doesn't seem fair. She has to be over one before I will get the scissors anywhere near her head. (Unless Nora beats me to it).

Just thought I would preface that before you see our'll understand why.

Elyn found a pretty baby in the trashcan...and she's shiny!

Here Elyn is trying to pull up on the toy basket. She is going to live far, far from home one day...she is my explorer.

This little girl though, she will live with me until she is married, I think. When we announce that we are going home from anywhere. She shouts, "Yea! Home!".

Testing our gigantic pool to see if the water is just right.

Doing her bear crawl through the tunnel.

Nora's attempt to dress herself...sans diaper.

I think Nora looks so old in this picture. I was doing dishes yesterday morning and Nora ran into the kitchen, laughing, and said, "Look Mommy!" I thought it was hilarious. My little alien.

Watering one of the flower gardens

Matthew had been holding Elyn on his chest when she crawled up over his head, trying to grab the babies on the couch. He is looking at me as if to say, "Do you see her? We have a climber on our hands!"

She was quite pleased with herself though.

We are in the trial stages of potty-training. Nora was on her potty the other night (the kind that attaches to the adult toilet) and excited that she had tee-teed (that's what we call it...we all have our own names). She was getting off to come and tell us and fell against the tub. This is her lip the next day. Ouch!

Hey mom, like my hair?

A complete un-posed picture. I think it's sweet.

Nora is loving Elyn these days. She'll come up to her and say, "Elyn, you want to play in my room?" I think that is precious! She asked that today and because Elyn can't crawl at the pace Nora runs, I took Elyn into Nora's room and came back to the kitchen to get the camera. When I got back to her room, this is what I found. I don't guess they quite understand how to play TOGETHER yet.

Again with the hair.

And finally, at lunch today, Nora pulled Elyn's highchair up to be right beside her chair. She was talking to Elyn the whole time during lunch. They are going to be best friends! (I hope.)

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April said...

I love all the pics. Don't know if you have noticed or not...but, I, too, am one of THOSE Mom's! :) Mackenzie's hair is notorious for being in her face...and I assure you that I have a ton of hair accessories! So it goes...

One of these days she will want all those cute accessories...

Keisha said...

I thought it was so cute the other night when Violet got a chance to meet Nora and Elyn. Hopefully, they'll get to see each other more often (especially now that Matthew and I are on the same team).

Chandra said...

What a funny and sweet post, loved it! See, I don't know what I'll do if I ever have a girl. Our whole beauty routine is wet and go, or the best one: throw on a cap. Sometimes I think it might be better if I only bore male children...

Supabloggasuprememama said...

hahaha! love the info on the hair...well let me just let you feel better and say that Aiden is the same way, but he is a boy...cause we keep it long...sooooo ya know. ;) i know people are like, why don't they cut his hair? but he's got the prettiest hair and he looks like a surfer dude, so everyone else can just BACK OFF. ;) Elyn and Nora are both looking so big! Elyn is really long! those pics are hilarious.

Brittney said...

Ok, I have a hair solution that has always worked for us. I got those clear rubberband hairband things. They are just stretchy and work great in small amounts of hair! I have used these on Jillian since she was teeny and she still can't pull those babies out on her own. Just a worked for us!

Nora does look old! Her hair is getting really long too!

Julie said...

cute pics! elyn is getting so big! can't wait to see both the girls next week. the kids are going to have a great time together at the zoo & the pool! see you soon!

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