Monday, January 04, 2010

Snow day

Despite the title of "snow day", you will see no snow pictures. Our children weren't really all that impressed with the snow...I guess spending a whole week in snowy Colorado will do that to you.

Poor Elyn is cutting two two-year-molars right now and is pretty much miserable. She cried the entire time outside and then cried for the majority of the day inside. Thank goodness (for us all) she took a stellar nap this afternoon.

We spent a lot of the day inside putting away Christmas decorations (finally!) and trying to organize our's an ongoing process. We set aside a TON of stuff for our church community giveaway in the spring and are trying to get rid of a lot of unnecessary JUNK.

Around dinnertime, I was still in my pjs with no desire to fire up the stove. I asked if we could go out and the answer was YES. Nora overheard and begged for Chuck E. Cheese...why not, it's a snow day.

We all got dressed in record time, loaded up the car and headed for fun.

The girls LOVE CEC and we rarely go. They were so excited to spend the coins!

Nora spent the majority of her coins as this machine:
We have about 10 more just like them

She convinced Elyn to join her in one...

And then we had our family picture years' Christmas card?
I wonder what tomorrow will bring? It's another snow day. At this rate, Matthew will be in school until the middle of June...sigh. It's supposed to snow again Wednesday night...we live in ARKANSAS, right?
Oh, well, we are enjoying our time together! I hope you are enjoying your snow days too-wherever you are.

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