Friday, May 22, 2009


I know that there are a lot of people out there that dress their kids in really cute p.j.s. Each season, they go and get new pajamas and dress their kids up really cute at night.

We're not those people.

Oh, sure, for special occasions, I will get the girls new pajamas (Christmas, Easter, I got cute Valentine's Day pj's this year) but for the rest of the year, it's usually t-shirts or onesies.

It's hard for me to justify spending over $10 on pajamas that they SLEEP in.

When Nora's friend, Gibson, came to spend the night with she wore a Princess nightgown to sleep in. Nora wore a red t-shirt.

Since that weekend, Nora has constantly, CONSTANTLY, asked for a Princess "lightdown".

And I have had NO IDEA what she has been talking about. When I pull out her t-shirt for bedtime, she has started crying saying it's not her "favorite" and wants a "lightdown"-like Gibson.

Finally, I realized what she was talking about and told her that the next time we went to the store we would see if they had one. That was about 3 days ago and she has reminded me every single day since.

At one point she even said, "Maybe Michael and Gibson could get me one?" The kid is desperate for a nightgown!

Well, today was the day. Nora gets to go to sleep tonight feeling like a princess in her very own Tinkerbell "lightdown".
A nightgown that cost $13.

I guess it takes money to be a princess (or fairy).


Holly Aytes said...

Madison has lots of fancy pj's that are hand me downs from Taylor. When I only had 1 child I justified it. We do get new ones for special holidays also. Madison got that same tinkerbell one in her easter basket this year. The oldest one prefers shorts and tshirts or the occasional nightgown which we buy a size too big so she can wear it longer. But every princess deserves one lightgown...glad Nora got hers :)

Karie said...

My kids where there pj's for dress-up fun, but when it comes time to sleep the just want to wear their undies. Whatever works I guess.

Marty Rhea Hill said...

Post a photo!!!!!! Please!!!!!

~aj~ said...

A "lightdown"...that's so cute!

I hope she slept well in her special princess gown. :)

Jenn said...

We get our "fancy" nightgowns from and I think the most I paid once was $6 for a really nice long sleeved nightgown. Otherwise, they sleep in t-shirts!! :)

Mary Jo said...

I am a HUGE sucker for pjs! My boys have been spoiled I guess. I just love seeing them all clean from their bath in brightly colored pjs or baseball pjs...whatever. It actually makes me tear up that Sawyer is getting too big for them now. He has started wearing athletic shorts and a t shirt. If you ever see CUTE pjs in an 8-10 boy you'll have to let me know. There is a Gymboree outlet here close to me! :) I do buy fewer and fewer... They are all about the dumb cartoons now. I hate that. Anyway. Funny about our quirks, huh?

Karen MEG said...

Oh those Disney PJ,s always cost extra; my girlie has a thing for PJs but thankfully she doesn't necessarily need the licensed ones.

Her best friend, however, wears those Disney lightgowns out during the day... too funny! And at those prices, who could blame her!

Very cute post!

April said...

I wait for when they go on sale and then if they are at a great price I buy a few in different prices. Reese is wanting to wear lightdowns now, but like you said they are to expensive so I bought the $5 dress at Target one size to big and it is perfect. On lazy days she doesn't even have to change :)

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